Adam Duff on traditional art schools

Adam Duff's back again with some hard truths this time about traditional art schools.

Unfortunately, I've not been in a traditional art school nor do I know how these schools are run so I can't really say much.

All I can say is art is subjective. Value in art is subjective. Some teachers may not be able to identify the potential in students and thus say or do things that kill the ambitions of these students to make art. E.g. Just because you don't like manga doesn't mean manga is shit – Look at how popular Japanese manga is. Some teachers, due to them being salaried workers that get a salary each month regardless of what they do, may not understand what it's really like to create art for a living.

The art taught in school curriculum vs art taught by art practitioners will be different. That's why it's great to learn from as many people as possible, to open your eyes to what's possible, rather than being limited by some structured art curriculum designed as a template for all students.